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5 April 2011

Creating a bootable VHD the easy way…about Indexes

by Hugo Häggmark

I’ve seen a lot of people using and downloading my bat-file from my original post here and some of you have even tried some of my more advanced topics here.

There is something worth mentioning with the attached Install-WindowsImage.ps1 that I’ve received feedback from some of you out there. If you would like to install any other Operating System SKU then the default at Index 1 in my bat-file you’ll have to list the images first.

Let’s take a closer look at Install-WindowsImage.ps1:


As you can see someone has already been kind enough to provide us with an easy way to list the available images. So if I go ahead and run the example on my own system I get the following:


So imagine if I wanted the DataCenter Edition (Full Installation) instead of Standard (Full Installation) I’d have to change the Index in the provided CreateBootableVHD_v2.bat file:


Hope that clear any issues with Indexes you might have.



tags: Bootable VHD - Development Environment - Resolution