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23 September 2010

Creating a bootable VHD the easy way

by Hugo Häggmark

2010-11-15 Script file updated

This blog post has been updated after feedback from my colleagues Markus Ahlstrand and Johan Leino, thanks you guys! The original blog post contained 1 error and needed 2 clarifications and 1 refinement, all updated content is highlighted below.

I’ve worked a lot with SharePoint development during the last 3 years and before SharePoint 2010 you could use Virtual PC to create your development environment. But as you might know a SharePoint 2010 development environment has to be on an x64-bit environment as described in this article “Setting up the Development Environment for SharePoint 2010…

So this left me with some alternatives:

I chose the bootable VHD option because I love the feel of Windows 7 and the rich features that Windows 7 gives the end user. On the other side I need the flexibility to start my SharePoint 2010 box when I need that with (almost) no performance loss.

There’s a lot of blogs out there that describe how to create a bootable VHD and so I will not list them here but I will give you a nice automated head start (without MB’s of download).

In the linked you will find two files:


The following steps are provided with a “works on my box” guarantee.

_ Ex: .\CreateBootableVHD_v2.bat C:\VHD\W2k8.vhd 40000 FIXED X F:\sources\install.wim _

To show an actual example here is a snapshot from my latest run:


After 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the VHD and your hardware you’ll have a new boot option.

Hope you enjoy the script.


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