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24 November 2010

Building and Unit Testing .Net 4.0 with Team Build 2008

by Hugo Häggmark

One of the tasks this week was to install and configure a new BizTalk 2010 build server in my clients environment. Pretty straight forward you may say huh? Well it would be if my client was using TFS 2010 but in this case we’re talking about a TFS 2008.

There are lots of posts like this great post “Building .NET 4.0 Applications Using Team Build 2008” explaining how to do this and the building part worked fine. But I kept getting error telling me that unit tests where not able to run because I didn’t have the correct version of Visual Studio installed. Anyway here are the steps I followed to succeed with this endeavor:

Hope this will summarize some of the issues you might run into when trying to build and unit test .Net 4.0 applications with Team Build 2008.



tags: .Net 4.0 - BizTalk - Environment - Error - Resolution - Team Build - Team Foundation Server - Unit Testing