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5 December 2013

One Interview done and the hunt for the next big adventure continues

by Hugo Häggmark

Had my first interview yesterday in a long while (read 2 years) so I’d like to take a moment and write a small post about it.

The first 30 minutes

After the usual greeting ceremony (read my name is X and would you like something to drink?) the “team coach” talked for 30 minutes (almost exclusively, I had some questions) about the organization, the team and finally the challenges they where facing. This type of debriefing of information is really an great concept and it gave me the chance to position myself for the coming 30 minutes with the team.

The second 30 minutes

After the team coach introduction you’re giving the chance to meet the team and they’re given the chance to meet you. Also an excellent interviewing method that gives everyone the chance to ask questions high and low. As usual we techies tend to talk more about frameworks and tools (not critic for the method just a fact) than about the person interviewed. But the team coach did a good job keeping us on the people track with open ended questions about my hobbies for instance.

The sitting down and working with the team

If the team and the team coach find you to be an interesting candidate then you’ll be invited to sit down with the team for a couple of hours and do some hands-on work. Also an brilliant idea to make sure you get the right person for the job.


I found this interview to be fascinating, very professional, refreshing and I’ve my fingers crossed.



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