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10 March 2011

Thoughts on future knowledge continued, new educational forms

by Hugo Häggmark

I’ve seen that some of my followers go through the more non-technical posts like my last post on the same subject here, go figure there’re non technical geeks out there Blinkar.

Anyway I stumbled upon a great set of You Tube educational videos from the Khan Academy in September 2010 and I have been too busy to check back and take a look the Khan Academy again, until this morning when I saw the following presentation:

During my time away from Khan Academy it has grown into a real cool and modern educational form that I really encourage everyone to look into. It drives knowledge to a complete new level and motivates students in their own pace. Even more it creates all new natural ways to coach others.

As a student you get merit badges and points the more knowledge you learn and the more practice exams you take. And there’s this concept of a knowledge map that shows your progress a long the way. As you can see I’ve only passed the basic Addition 1-2 but I feel motivated to continue because It becomes a fun game.


And as you take a practice test you get instant help, hints and shortcuts to a great videos that helps you understand the subject at hand.

I’ve already shown this to my kids so I have really high hopes for them becoming Math geniuses, do you have kids? If you do I encourage you to try it out, you’ll have a blast!

The next step I believe would be great for the Khan Academy is to look into natural languages so that Swedish kids can learn English, because it’s all in English, maybe I’ll contribute to that?



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