When compassion went to sleep

She went to sleep a few days ago and she never woke up. It was peaceful and painless.

I visited the day before her final rest. I had prepared myself meticulously to look my very best just in case she woke up.

She looked so beautiful and calm. Her final resting place was dignified and beautifully decorated with family pictures. The air was filled with Portuguese music and she slept throughout my visit.

My mother was warm, kind and loving but foremost compassionate.

She was never in the spotlight but she always made you feel like you were.

Always prioritising others well-being before her own, in private and as a nurse. As a nurse she helped people in all stages of life, treating sick children in Angola/Mozambique to elderly dementia patients in Sweden.

Mom, I love you and miss you so much.

F*CK Alzheimer’s

4 Replies to “When compassion went to sleep”

  1. So very sorry to read this, my friend. Your mother seemed like an amazing woman – and she would be proud to see what you have grown up to become. Much of the compassion you describe is something I’ve seen from you too.

    This sorrow is something that we all will go through someday but I fear it more and more.

    Sending a lot of virtual hugs until I can give you a physical one.

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