“Growing up is losing some illusions, in order to acquire others.” -Virginia Woolf

William 18 collage
The many faces of William

You can never really prepare yourself for the arrival of your first child and even less so for the delivery of the same.

18 years ago, after 5 days at Danderyds sjukhus you where cut opened from your mother. She had tried every method ordinated by the doctor , even acupuncture, to deliver you the “natural” way.

That’s your mom; a strong woman who never gives up and always gives everything for her children’s best.

So when the doctor said you were gonna have to come out through a C-section we both got very emotional. I remember it was a mixed sense of defeat, relieve, happiness and when the doctor left our room we cried holding each other tight.

But all those emotions were blown away the very moment you arrived. When I hold you in my arms all I could feel was love and happiness.

I though as a parent you will learn your children  everything you know but now I’ve learned it’s the other way around. You’ve learnt me unconditional love, to be more relaxed, kindness, fairness and a lot of patience. You’ve given me so many wonderful moments with laughter, warmness, love and headaches sometimes.

I was merely a boy when you came and you made me into the man you hug every day.

For all this I’m very grateful, proud, happy and I hope there will be more wonderful moments ahead in your adulthood that we can share.

Some last words:

Be yourself, listen to your head but follow your heart. Be kind, have fun, laugh, cry, work hard to follow your dreams. Don’t wait, do something amazing with your journey in life and make this world a better place, it sure needs it.

Mom and I’ll be here right next to you when you need us.

Love you,

Mom & Dad

New React/Redux version of Fluxo released!




I’ve been working since January on my way to and from work moving the old Fluxo version (https://fluxo.herokuapp.com) to the React/Redux stack and today I’m very proud to announce that the new Fluxo version is deployed at https://fluxo.hugohaggmark.com.

I’ll continue to make small improvments and I’ve some major features that I would like to add like:

  • Cumulative Flow graph
  • Apple and Android App

The old version will be permanently redirected to the new.

I hope you continue to enjoy Fluxo!


Giving back to the world

RaySearch Laboratories

When I quit my job at Aptitud in December 2016 I had no clue what I was going to do or where I was going to do it. I found myself in an endless world of opportunities and that kind of scared me a bit.

When I finally got my bearings back in early January 2017 (after a very relaxing Christmas vacation) I decided I would try my luck and post my CV at several job sites.

To my huge surprise It didn’t take more than a couple of days before I had whole January booked with interviews at interesting product companies in Stockholm area.

At first I kept a really open-minded approach to every opportunity and tried hard not to filter out any opportunity. But along the way some values came to stand out more than others:

  • My next workplace should be a product company and not a consultant company.
  • My next workplace should be on a journey, i.e. I wouldn’t want to come to a product company where everything is already done. Both organisational and technical.
  • My next workplace should make the world a little better. Looking back at my professional life, had I contributed to any important difference to the world? Hardly, going forward this would have to change!

A couple of companies checked all my boxes but only one made it to the finish line.

The 27th of March 2017 I’m very happy and honoured to join RaySearch Laboratories as a Software Developer. (http://www.raysearchlabs.com)

RaySearch Laboratories

See you around,