Announcing Fluxo 1.0, a Kanban Dashboard for Trello


Now that’s a great milestone Hugo but can you tell me what’s new in this release?

-Almost nothing, but let’s turn the clock back a week…

About a week ago on my way to work I started to notice how my Kanban dashboard had some trouble loading. Naturally I opened up the developer tools in Chrome and noticed a lot of “429 Too Many Requests” errors. (The Trello api has a Rate Limit that you can read about here )

That’s odd, it can’t be that many people using Fluxo at this time in the morning I thought to myself, and then it hit me. Someone had probably hijacked my Trello application key because I was using Trello’s own Client.js with the key and it was all stored on GitHub in a public repo.

From Trello’s on how to use their Client.js documentation:

<!-- ...  -->
<!-- The client library requires jQuery  -->
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<!-- ...  -->

I remember thinking that this client side key exposure could cause some issues the first time I started to use it but I hadn’t thought about it ever since.

Anyways I decided to do a complete rewrite and use a server side OAuth solution instead. And last Friday I actually finished it.

To sum it up Fluxo now uses a server side OAuth solution and I also added a 5 minute caching on all requests to prevent hitting the Rate Limit of 300 requests per 10 seconds.

This time no keys are stored in the repo, a lesson I’ve learned the hard but funny way,


Introducing Fluxo a Kanban dashboard for Trello Boards

Fluxo or Hugo Häggmark is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by or in any way officially connected to Trello, Inc. (

Last week I introduced my latest “commute from and to work” project called TrellBan here.

So I received a very kind but to the point email from the Trello support team last night telling me that the name TrellBan was to close to Trello.

A bit surprised but at the same time somewhat flattered I began the hard work to come up with a really great new name for this open source project.

Fluxo means flow in portuguese (my mother tongue) and I think it is a short and easy enough name to remember.

So TrellBan is disontinued as of now and the replacement Fluxo is still an open source project that you can find here:

The latest release of the Fluxo can be found here:

And a demo of Fluxo can be found here:

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused,


Fluxo a Kanban Dashboard for Trello Boards

Fluxo or Hugo Häggmark is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by or in any way officially connected to Trello, Inc. (

Read this post for more information.


I’ve a lot of time between home and work every day because I live about 30 km from Stockholm in a suburb called Vallentuna.

That gives me about 1 hour of commute every day where I can sit with my laptop and hack stuff without disturbing anyone else.

I’ve been doing this for 1½ year since I’ve paused my usual “coach” consultant role and gone back to being a simple “web developer”.
Of course as I’m often the senior web developer in a team 🙂 I tend to do some coaching anyway but not the type of coaching I used to do that is coaching entire teams.

OK, so since the end of November 2014 our team at Fritidsresor (TUI Nordic) has been doing this new cool thing called Mob Programming.
That deserves a completely other blog post that I might write someday. (ooooh a cliffhanger)

Mob programming and the fact that one of our team members was going to work remotely made us switch from a physical Kanban board to Trello.
Trello is really simple and nice but has one small drawback it doesn’t come with any Kanban statistics in the box.

Our team coach did a lot of research in this area and didn’t found any good free plugins for visualizing Kanban statistics from Trello.
He did find Screenful ( which is awesome but unfourtunately it isn’t free.

So I got the idea to make this my new “while I’m commuting from and to work” project.

The project is called Fluxo TrellBan and is completely open source, you can find the source code at and
the lastest working release of TrellBan can be found at

If you want to get at glimpse of what the dashboard actually looks like (with dummy data) you can see a demo at

I hope you enjoy Fluxo TrellBan,