Announcing Fluxo 1.0, a Kanban Dashboard for Trello


Now that’s a great milestone Hugo but can you tell me what’s new in this release?

-Almost nothing, but let’s turn the clock back a week…

About a week ago on my way to work I started to notice how my Kanban dashboard had some trouble loading. Naturally I opened up the developer tools in Chrome and noticed a lot of “429 Too Many Requests” errors. (The Trello api has a Rate Limit that you can read about here )

That’s odd, it can’t be that many people using Fluxo at this time in the morning I thought to myself, and then it hit me. Someone had probably hijacked my Trello application key because I was using Trello’s own Client.js with the key and it was all stored on GitHub in a public repo.

From Trello’s on how to use their Client.js documentation:

<!-- ...  -->
<!-- The client library requires jQuery  -->
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<!-- ...  -->

I remember thinking that this client side key exposure could cause some issues the first time I started to use it but I hadn’t thought about it ever since.

Anyways I decided to do a complete rewrite and use a server side OAuth solution instead. And last Friday I actually finished it.

To sum it up Fluxo now uses a server side OAuth solution and I also added a 5 minute caching on all requests to prevent hitting the Rate Limit of 300 requests per 10 seconds.

This time no keys are stored in the repo, a lesson I’ve learned the hard but funny way,


Differences between TFS 2010 on SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server

I’ve had some customers come up to me and ask what the main differences are between running TFS portals on SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server (Enterprise Edition). If you use SharePoint Server Standard Edition you will have the same DashBoards as with SharePoint Foundation.

Luckily for me a former colleague of mine has written an excellent series concerning reporting in TFS 2010 here.

If you’re like me and want to cut to the chase here are the links:

Hope this makes it clearer,