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Hugo Häggmark was born in Benfica, Lisbon, Portugal 1974 just nine days before the Carnation Revolution and twelve years later he started his first stumbling steps as a developer on the family’s Commodore 64. He has been hooked ever since…

Hugo’s skills and passion for developing software has really matured since the first steps back in 1986 and Hugo has worked with software companies in both Sweden and Canada including the Microsoft Corporation.

He spends most days mentoring and coaching developers and teams of developers on how to become better developers so that they can deliver higher business value to people and organizations throughout the world. This is certainly a quest to be undertaken with serious humbleness.

On his spare time he enjoys  family life with his wife Katrin, two sons William , Maximilian and their daughter Paula. They live in a house in Vallentuna just outside of Stockholm in Sweden. Hugo loves to cook, laugh, watch movies, paint, play Xbox, go Geocaching, go snorkeling in the summer time and snowboarding during the winter.

Hugo hopes you will enjoy his sagas from the software trenches in the continuing battle between quality, price and time…

4 Replies to “About Hugo Häggmark”

  1. Tjenare Hugo,
    Jag håller på att sätta up den dev burk med Win7. Jag har laddat ner ultimate från msdn, med och utan sp1. Men oavsett vilken jag använder så blir det Win 7 Home…

    Är detta något som händer via dina skript? Annars måste det vara något fel med nerladdningen från msdn.

    Mikael Håkansson

    1. Tja!

      Titta i filen Install-WindowsImage.ps1 som ligger med i bat-filen. Du kommer behöva lista din wim-fil för att se vilket Index du ska använda m.h.a.:
      This example will apply image number 8 from D:\Sources\Install.wim to X:\.

      .\Install-WindowsImage.ps1 -WIM D:\Sources\Install.wim -Apply -Index 8 -Destination X:\

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