Some important anniversaries coming up

This post is of the more personal character but so bare with me if you’re a techy like me. This April as it turns out there’s a bunch of anniversaries awaiting me so I though it would be in place to recognize them.

6 months at Avega Group as Avega Coach

As of the 20th of April I’ve worked 6 months at Avega Group, jeez time flies when you’re having fun. As you might know I used to work at Microsoft as a Senior Consultant with ALM, TFS and SharePoint as stated in this post.

Values at Avega Group

Avega Group is a company focused on consultants and the core values at Avega Group are:

  • Force, the people hired to Avega Group are people that have a lot of driving force to drive their own development as well as their colleagues.
  • Humanity, at Avega Group the human aspect is equally important as the technological side of the consultants work.
  • Professionalism, at Avega Group we only take on assignments that we are really good at. This means that we have a real high competence level at the company and this attracts more people with high competence.

People at Avega Group

Coming from a great company as Microsoft and being used to working with really great people I was really happy to see that people at Avega Group not only matches the people at Microsoft but even in some cases surpasses people at Microsoft.

Why is that you might ask? Well it’s really quite simple, when you’re not bound to a particular solution/product you tend to find more creative solutions to problems which leads to a higher competence level in my opinion. People at Microsoft (and me included) tend to solve everything with Microsoft solutions/products which is great but you tend to get somewhat narrow-minded. This non MS journey has just started for me…

Avega Coach at Avega Group

What is Avega Coach? What do we do? Well the short answer to that question is: It depends!

We’re currently 4 Avega Coaches working at Avega Group: Joakim Sundén, Marcus Hammarberg, Damra Muminovic and myself and we all do a lot of different things. Our time at Avega Group is divided into 50% coaching/mentoring assignments at customers and 50% other stuff. For me the other 50% have been mostly about holding training sessions and coaching colleagues but as you can see from my example schema below I do other things as well:image

Wrapping up my first 6 months at Avega Group

Well my first 6 months have more then exceeded my expectations of Avega Group and I’ve had a great time learning some really new and interesting solutions, methods and meeting great people!

If you’re a senior consultant and interesting in challenging dialogs with colleagues, want to have great assignments and develop you self then I would highly recommend joining us at Avega Group!

2 years on Twitter

As of the 23rd of April I’ve been 2 years on Twitter. For me this has been a really interesting journey where I at first used Twitter very sparsely but as I’ve found out later Twitter is great for:

  • Keeping up to date with topics of your interest
  • Following a product/solution in Twitter means you always know what’s going on with that product/solution
  • Finding interesting blog post/videos/podcasts to read/watch/listen
  • Reaching even more blog readers using the “#” tag like #TFS for instance
  • Getting help quickly when you get stuck using the “#” tag like #TFS for instance
  • Having fun and spontaneous conversations with colleagues and people that share your interest
  • And much much more…

Wrapping up my first 2 years on Twitter

It’s been fun and exciting and I hope to continue delivering high quality Tweets and some funny and spontaneous as well. Folloow me at @hugohaggmark

37 years on planet Earth

And last but not least I’m turning 37 years tomorrow the 16th of April. Not a very important anniversary but still It’s fun to celebrate my birthday with the people that means the most to me; my wife, kids and family.



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